Origin calculations

Are these bicyles actually of Turkish origin? Is this steel really made in India, or are these solar panels really of Japanese origin? If you are asked to confirm that your products are of a certain (preferential or non-preferential) origin, but you are not sure how the origin is determined, we are glad to help.

The rules of origin play a very important role in Customs Law. That is because the origin of a product will e.g. determine if a product is eligible for a preferential tariff, but also if antidumping duties apply. Nowadays, the rules of origin become more and more important due to the increase in Free Trade Agreeements on the one hand, and increase in antidumping duties on the other hand.

Under European Customs Law you’ll find the basis rules of origin in article 59 up to article 68 of the EU Customs Code (Regulation 952/2013) . The basic Rules of Origin are still relatively simple, but the difficulties lie in the details. For that reason, the rules of origin are not easy to comprehend, but that is where we can help.

If you have difficulties in determining the origin of your products, feel free to send us a quick email we’d be glad to assist, or just help you on your way.

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