EU Import duty rate

What is the EU import duty tariff for my products? That is a question that we often get. In order to identify the correct European import duty rate for your product, you need to do two things. First, determine the applicable commodity code or ‘statistical code’ for the product that you intend to import. With that code, second, you can extract the duty rate from the European and National public tariff databases. The first step of finding the correct commodity code is vital though.

In the paper that you can download via this page I’ll explain how (and where) you can find the EU import duty rate. If you still can’t find the EU import duty tariff for your product, send me an email, or give me a call. Alternatively we very often secure the applicable tariff for oyr clients by obtaining European Customs Tariff rulings (Binding Tariff Information) for our clients.  We can offer you a very attractive price for that particulor service. Please contact us, via the contact form for more information.


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