Antidumping on PORCELAIN from China // Regulation 1072/2012

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Will it stand the test??

Although the results from the investigation into the actual dumping of porcelain and ceramics on the European Market are strongly doubted, the European Commission does impose provisional antidumping duties on porcelain and ceramic from Chinese origin.

Here is a link to the Regulation 1072/2012. The definitive measures are expected to enter into force on 15 May 2013, whereby it is important to note that the initially estimated general duty level, is reduced significantly to 36.1%

Dumping is best described as the introduction of products of one country into the commerce of another country at prices less than the normal value of the products, when that causes material injury to an established industry. If you import large quantities of porcelain or ceramics from China, it may be worthwhile to file a provisional request for the refund of the provisional antidumping duties. We have assisted in many anti-dumping disputes and therefore welcome any questions on the  subject.  If you have question with respect to the antidumping duties of porcelain from China, please give us a call, we love to hear from you.

Also here is a useful link to an overview of all provisional and definitive European anti-dumping duties currently in place (December 2012).

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