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Mr. Andringa is an experienced attorney-at-law, fully specialized in European Customs Law.  He graduated from law school at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and began his career in 1998. Mr. Andringa soon became fascinated with customs law and began to focus on establishing his own practice that is dedicated to customs law. His practice, mainly serves medium-sized companies that have imported goods through the Netherlands and have encountered customs law issues. In 2013 Mr. Andringa established the boutique law firm “Andringa Caljé & De Jager Advocaten”.

Mr. Deams also specialised in European Customs Law and VAT.  He graduated from law school at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and began is career in 2020. 


Over the years we have successfully handled cases that related to all kinds of electronics, various medical appliances, textiles, vitamins, jewelry, art, care products, lightning products, advertising material, and bio-products and chemicals. we settled disputes about customs value, classification, and VAT rate applicability of products as well as handled the liability for the unlawful entry and disputed origin of products. More information about the most comon topics is in the section “Our expertise”. Mr. Andringa writes in the Dutch Transport Magazine “Weg en Wagen” van Stichting Vervoeradres as welll as the German Magzine AW-Prax. Just a few references:

“I would like to thank you for your dedication. Without your help, our merchandise would still be stuck in the courier’s warehouse.” – Vitamins & Health Inc.

“We are very glad that Mr. Andringa represented us before Customs in a duty issue. Mr. Andringa is an expert in customs law, which is demonstrated by his extensive knowledge on customs law and good communication.” – ClearFreight BV.

Thank you very much for all your help and advice in this matter – it is obviously a big relief for us” – Complete Coffee.

Much more references, relating to specifically your branch, are available on request.

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